What We Do Infrastructure is one of the most essential building blocks for any region, country, city or community’s economical, social and financial development. It is the physical systems - roads, utilities, airports, mass transit, ports, power plants, water supply, water reservoirs, hospitals, storage silos, waste management, etc. - of a country often requiring huge initial investment, but with significant economies of scale.

Recent studies show the global economy running an infrastructure deficit with approximately US$ 35 trillion projected to be spent on infrastructure projects (public, private, green-field and brown-field) globally over the next 20 years, providing huge opportunities for industry players - transaction advisory firms, investment banks, financiers, project sponsors, equity houses, governments, public institutions, management consultants, etc. - to play their role.

Inerrant Finance Limited is well positioned to cater to this infrastructure market may it be for the public or private sector because of its experienced core team, a complete understanding of the project development life cycle, hands-on experience in the structuring & implementation of infrastructure projects, and tailored alliances working relationships with established local & international industry players.
"There are no short-cuts to developing infrastructure projects that include private sector participation, understanding this aspect alone can lead to a win-win project structure for all stakeholders"
CEO, Inerrant Finance (Private) Limited
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