Target Sectors

  • Energy – including hydro-power, thermal power plants, wind & solar farms, oil & gas , multi-purpose water reservoirs, transmission grids, etc.
  • Transport & Logistics – provincial and municipal roads, rail, toll roads, seaports, airports, fishing harbors, warehousing, cold storage, shipyards, slaughter houses, etc.
  • Mass Urban Public Transport – including buses, intra and inter-city rail/subway systems, bus rapid transit, etc.
  • Social & Municipal Services – including hospitals, health facilities, education, desalination plants, low cost housing, solid waste management, water supply and sanitation, etc.
  • Office/Industrial/Tourism Infrastructure – including industrial estates & zones, technology parks, office buildings, theme parks, etc.
  • Financial – including financial institutions, equities, capital markets, infrastructure funds, venture capital, private equity, etc.